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Publishing Vyiha first ebook: Paolo Garizio on how to reverse nearsightedness

April 6, 2013

Paolo Garizio has been working as a Personal Functional Training for more than ten years around Northern Italy. From his first days in this competitive market, he approached training not only with the target of improving physical performance but also with the idea of helping his clients to leverage on the emotional benefits (such as increase of self-esteem) that always come with a continuos exercise routine.

When he found out that, different from common and accepted beliefs, the main cause of nearsightedness boiled down to muscular stress triggered by incorrect habits in using our eyes, he started to research the topic with the aim of finding a natural way to change such habits. The result of his personal research is what he calls “Vision training”, a series of exercises dedicated to our eyes and meant to re-establish the natural flexibility of our eye muscles, somehow lost because of lack of movements (e.g. fixing a computer display for a long time every day).

When we met Paolo Garizio to discuss his project to write a book on his topic of research he was wearing glasses. When we met him again six months later, he arrived at the meeting without any glasses nor contact lens: he was “completely healed”, as he said, thank to implementing the series of the fast and effective exercises he designed for helping his eyes to regain the lost flexibility.

“Heal your vision” is the outcome of his researches and the first ebook that Vyiha has published under the series of health wellbeing. We are, of course, extremely excited to launch this ebook as it is a great example of not only a topic similar to those Vyiha will publish in the future but also a relationship with an author born and grown on the way Vyiha expects to be, with continuous feed-backs on both sides and with the author 100% focused on writing the book and with the publishing company doing all the rest, from editing to formatting to distributing and promoting the work done.

We hope this positive experience will set up the stage for the upcoming ebooks with new authors. As Paolo Garizio put it in a recent communication, “Vyiha’s support has been extremely helpful to use my time efficiently, permitting me to work on a book without putting aside my activity of Personal Functional Trainer and without making me think about the thousand technical details that always accompany the publishing of an ebook. Rather, the time I have saved in the process has been invested in a new book, now a project already in discussion with the team of Vyiha Publishing”.

We will follow closely the growth of “Healing your vision” in our distribution channels and in our website, working hard to transform his words into a publishing success.